Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Kickstarter - Dungeon Denizens (DCC and 5e Monster Book by Goodman Games)

500 monsters for 5E & DCC RPG! Kickstarter backers receive a bonus monster! Epic full-color hardcover with PDF+VTT support!

I REALLY enjoy Goodman Games Kickstarters, even if I don't play 5e or the DCC RPG. Settings, modules, and such are just so easy to convert to the OSR system of your choice, even on the fly, that it makes such backing something I don't even need to think about before pulling the trigger.

Dungeon Denizens made me think for a few minutes before pulling the trigger.

The idea with the DCC RPG was that there WERE no standard monsters. Creatures were unique to the adventure they were found in. Orcs, goblins, giants, and the rest were kicked to the curb in favor of their more unique cousins.

Dungeon Denizens gives you 500 creatures for your DCC (or 5e) game, making them somewhat less unique I guess. Thus my hesitation. That being said, I AM backing at $49 for the print plus pdf book. Sure, there are add-ons that look cool, but I'll never use them.

Shit, it's from Goodman Games. I'm pretty sure I'll get my monies worth ;)

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  1. Yep, I was most excited to support GG, even though there are tons of Bestiaries out there across all editions. I actually backed both versions (DCC and 5e) as I haven't played D&D since the late 1990s and just got back into it 4 months ago. Been playing some 5e and OSE as they are both new to me (I only ever played 2e in 1990s). 5e has been okay, not sure the hate it gets, but it is more difficult to die in so far that I've noticed (marvel super hero effect).

    Anyways I tagged you in your discord #tavern-chat with link in recent interview where Michael Curtis (head of DCC product line) iterated what you said about DCC doesn't follow standard monsters and encourages people to get ideas from the book, not to stock directly from. Which is why DCC hasn't had a bestiary book, but GG doing 5e one had people demanding a DCC version. Mike produced some 165 monsters in the book himself.


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