Monday, March 13, 2023

Deal of the Day - RPGPundit Presents: World of the Last Sun

Ah, the RPG Pundit. Love him or loath him, his OSR material is ALWAYS very solid. Today's Deal of the Day at DTRPG happens to be RPGPundit Presents: World of the Last Sun.

This is a compilation of Gonzo-Fantasy material from various issues of RPGPundit Presents. It is not simply these issues thrown together. Rather, this tome acts as a sourcebook for RPGPundit's World of the Last Sun gonzo-fantasy setting. It features...

  • Details of the World of the Last Sun.
  • Multiple Regional Campaign Locations that can also be added to your own worlds.
  • Weird fantasy races.
  • High-tech fantasy Equipment.
  • Rules for ordinary and magical drugs.
  • Rules for Skyship Combat.
  • Random encounter and location tables.
  • Random tables for weird character origins and encounters.
  • Fans of RPGPundit Presents have been asking for this book. If you have not yet tried an issue of RPGPundit Presents, this is a great way to start. This sourcebook for fantasy-gonzo OSR games provides new avenues for adventure and lots of inspirational material.

Normally 12.95 in PDF, until tomorrow morning RPGPundit Presents: World of the Last Sun is on sale for 6.47

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  1. Years ago I used to be on the mockers and hecklers' side when it came to Pundit's public persona, but the quality of the material won me over. Lion & Dragon + Dark Albion in particular is the best setting you will find for a low magic, alternate medieval Europe OSR campaign. I am not into gonzo fantasy myself so I can't speak for this one, but the play reports of his Last Sun DCC campaign (from which this generic OSR sourcebook is derived) were hilarious - I'm tempted to buy it just to learn more about the world.


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