Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Humble Bundle - Shadowrun 5e Mega Bundle

I was an early fan of Shadowrun, snagging the rulebook when it was first released during my college years. I simply could not convince any in my group to create a character, let alone play a session. Ah well.

Currently, on Humble Bundle, the complete Shadowrun 5e Mega Bundle of 17 titles can be snagged for 18 bucks. I think I'm all in...

Become a Shadowrunner

Hide. Survive. Do what it takes, and you might even thrive inside the cracks in the world of Shadowrun—the legendary tabletop role-playing game that splices fantasy and cyberpunk sci-fi. This mega bundle features everything runners need to make a dangerous living on the streets and in the Matrix, including the Core Rulebook (5E), guides to armed combat and street magic, and more sourcebooks exploring the dystopian Sixth World. Plus, your purchase helps support Global FoodBanking Network!

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