Thursday, March 16, 2023

Bundle of Holding - KoDT Trouble 4

I'm a huge fan of Knights of the Dinner Table. I've been collecting off and on since Issue #1, but my early issues are in storage. Whenever the digital collections come up on Bundle of Holding, I snag them. KoDT Trouble 4 is gonna be snagged after I put this post up. 

Hoody-hoo! This all-new KoDT Trouble 4 Quick Deal is our fourth collection of .PDFs featuring Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. In every issue of KoDT, the players in B. A. Felton's HackMaster campaign find so many devious new ways to torment their Gamemaster, you'll say "They're just like my players!"

For many years Kenzer has reprinted back issues of KoDT, three or four issues at a time, in its Bundle of Trouble compilations. In previous offers we've presented the first 30 compilations. We still have a lot of catching-up to do, because the compilations have already reached Volume 73! Let's keep making headway with this bargain-priced "bundle of Bundles" that brings you DRM-free .PDF ebooks of Bundle of Trouble Volumes 31-40 – collecting KoDT issues #101 through #138 (2005-2008) – a total retail value of $121 for just US$19.95. Even if you're new to the Knights' dinner table, these collections make it easy to pull up a chair and enjoy the longest-running and most successful comic strip in RPG history.

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