Sunday, March 12, 2023

Just a quick check-in.....

Just a quick check-in.....
Special Note: I'm seriously jet-lagged and have one whole day to transition to local time for work (yeah!)....and I'm fighting some odd cold/flu so mentally I'm maybe not all here. You've been warned...

So I've been out of the country for the last month and I've been just so damned shock on how...limited gaming opportunities are outside of the US. During the month I didn't see a single comic book, RPG book, or even dice out in the wild. The nearest "board game store" was more than 45' away. Compare that to having not only a FLGS at home, but being able to find dice at the Dollar Store, D&D Books at the local WalMart.

.....but at least I was able to get to the end of Baldur's Gate for the first time. I probably have 200+ hours on the game, but never had finished it. I also did some work/prep for North Texas RPG Con and spent probably too much money on NTRPG Auctions.

I did almost have a game while I was in Europe, but I was a moron and calculated the time I needed to get up wrong, so I woke up an hour after the game was supposed to start.

In short: this year hasn't been too good for gaming for me.

Thankfully I'm not too concerned about the short term anyway. The rest of the year is going to be awesome. I'm prepping for this year's Whisky Tasting at NTRPG, which will be the 3rd Official (4th Unofficial) year for the event. While I did already have the Whiskies procured for this year, those bottles have now been set aside for use next year 'cause this year will be some relatively-hard-to-procure bottles. The tasting kits are being remade and once I figure things out I'll know how many attendees I can support. There's five spots already reserved and the con will get the rest to figure out how they want to fill the event.

I've got some other gaming-related projects in the works.....and I should be slinging dice next weekend...after I get to do some shopping at my FLGS. I don't need anything there, but I have to go....


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  1. 45'? Do you mean 45 minutes? Because that reads as "45 feet", which was not your intent, I guess.
    Not sure what country you were in, but when I was in Germany a couple of years ago, there was a game store in my small city, and comic books for sale in the train station - in German, of course.


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