Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Deal of the Day - Desert Moon of Karth (Mothership)

A good adventure transcends the game system. From what I've heard from others, and from what I've read online, Desert Moon of Karth is a VERY good adventure.

Until tomorrow morning at 11 AM Eastern, Desert Moon of Karth is on sale for 1.92 (marked down from 7.99 in PDF). At that price, I can hack it into the RPG system of my choice (assuming my choice is not Mothership).

One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams...  - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Desert Moon of Karth  is a space western sandbox adventure zine for the  Mothership  Sci-Fi Horror RPG . 

Karth is a tiny mesa studded moon on the galaxy's edge. The only way down is an antique space elevator to the lawless boomtown of  Larstown ; a place surrounded by even greater danger and strangeness in the wastes beyond. Survival or salvation is not guaranteed, partner.

Harvest ossified coral corpses to live forever. Become an involuntary organ donor. Dodge ancient orbital defenses. Explore sand blown ruins. Hunt the fearsome sandsquid. Ride camels through the dunes. Drink whiskey until you've forgotten your own name.

Karth's  inspirations include Dune, Firefly, Alien, John Carter of Mars, Cowboy Bebop, The Dark Tower, spaghetti westerns, and modern adventures like  Hot Springs Island ,  A Pound of Flesh ,  Ultraviolet Grasslands , and  Slumbering Ursine Dunes .

You'll find plenty to use for your other sci-fi RPG of choice like  Stars Without Number ,  Traveler , or  Starfinder  with a touch of back alley stat surgery.

Desert Moon of Karth  is a meaty  52 pages , chock full of evocative illustrations and also includes:

  •  10 detailed and dangerous locations  to explore including a ship graveyard, camel ranch, organic coral caves, and a decadent shattered spire.
  •  Regional Moon Map  and rules for point crawling navigation.
  •  Detailed Larstown map , rumors, NPC's, prospective jobs, and fine establishments.
  •  4  volatile factions  for players to interact with including immortal organ harvesters, tribal park rangers, extinct coral beings, and a colonial boomtown of prospectors.
  •  Evolving encounters based on the day/night cycle  (and it's sometimes night for a week).
  •  Tons of 1d10 tables  ranging from creepy prayers, to strange technology, to requested organs, to random drugs.
  •  Rules for sandsquid hunting  and a dungeon crawl within one, should you be devoured.
  •  3  detailed dungeon maps,  8 new creatures, the dark secrets of eternal youth and more!  

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