Thursday, December 8, 2022

Kickstarter - SimpleQuest (d100 Fantasy Rules)

A small complete D100 Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

I'm a huge fan of Newt Newport and his D101 Games company. Crypts & Things is one of the best OSR rulesets, and OpenQuest is a convenient entry to the Basic RPG Engine (CoC, RuneQuest, and the like).

SimpleQuest is a streamlined version of OpenQuest, focused on the fantasy genre. I personally find D100 games work best with small parties of players (or at least better than D20-style games) as they are skill-based and not level-based. For a party of 2 to 3 players, SimpleQuest may be a perfect choice.

13 bucks for the SimpleQuest PDF with the at-cost POD is a sweet deal. It's already written, so January 2023 is pretty sweet.

SimpleQuest is a short fantasy adventure roleplaying game. Within its 150 pages, it contains everything you need to play.  

SimpleQuest is ideal if you want a short yet comprehensive D100 fantasy ruleset. 

A Bit More about the Game

Last year I released OpenQuest, a simple, straightforward D100 Table Top Game, as an all-in-one book. SimpleQuest is a concise and compact version of that game, with a few extra rules to make it more pickup and play.

Compact for travelling and viewing on phones/tablets

Concise for straightforward fantasy games, one-shots and short campaigns.

The book weighs in at just over 150 pages, in 6x9 inch format, with full-colour illustrations by Jeshields and a gorgeous wrap round cover by Jon Hodgson.

It will come in three formats.

A Digital Pdf - fully bookmarked with hyperlinked page references.

A Print on Demand version, fulfilled by DriveThruRpg.com

A Printed version, with sewn pages, endpapers and a ribbon. Sent directly from me in the UK to you, postage payable after the campaign via my website.

This book contains the following chapters:

Characters. Use a points allocation or random system to generate motivated characters capable of going on fantastic and thrilling adventures.

Equipment. This chapter deals with the tools of the adventuring trade. Things like weapons, armour and general gear such as rope, backpacks and transport costs.

Rules. In this chapter, the system's workhorse, the D100 Skill Test, is explained in its basic and opposed versions. There is also a section of Spot Rules for common adventuring situations.

Combat. This subset of the rules looks at what happens when blades are drawn and used in anger.

Magic. This chapter details a single magic system that every player character uses.

Creatures. Monsters and animals to populate your adventures.

Gods and Goddesses. To use either as patrons for the characters or religions for them to join.

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