Thursday, October 6, 2022

Deal of the Day - City of Great Lunden

 Glynn Seal does amazing work. All of it. Mapping, art, writing, settings, adventures - if Glynn's name is on it, you know it is good.

Today's Deal of the Day is Glynn's City of Great Lunden. Until tomorrow at 11 AM Eastern, it is on sale for 5.56.

The City of Great Lunden is a city setting for use with old school roleplaying games. It is designed to be used alongside The Midderlands setting and hence is 'The Midderlands Compatible'. Game stats are presented for use with Swords & Wizardry Complete, which means they are easily adopted for old school games/retroclones. Much of the content is designed to be as system-neutral as possible, so feel free to use it with any fantasy game system you like.

This book DOES NOT require The Midderlands setting, but it is greatly enhanced with it. There might be references to things found in the other books. Don't worry if you don't have those previous settings books, you can still get them here.

The download files contain:

  • 224-page book detailing the city.
  • Map of the entire City of Great Lunden and its environs
  • Enlarged map of the Inner Wards
  • Enlarged map of the Sewer Network
  • Enlarged map of the Rooftops of part of the Inner Wards (Rooftop Chase map)
  • Enlarged Northeast quadrant of the City and its environs
  • Enlarged Northwest quadrant of the City and its environs
  • Enlarged Southeast quadrant of the City and its environs
  • Enlarged Southwest quadrant of the City and its environs
  • Ward map
  • PDF containing 6 pregenerated characters feature in the book

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