Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Kickstarter - The Valley Out of Time for S&W DCC MCC Part 5&6 FINAL!

Sometimes MORE literally is better. In this case, we are talking about more Skeeter Green. No. I've known Skeeter for years. I consider him a friend. I've also been nearly violated by Skeeter (listen to one of the livestreams where Skeeter has guested on Talking Crit and you'll probably hear the story told), so pissing off Skeeter might not be a "good thing". Thankfully, I've enjoyed the prior parts to the Valley out of Time and I'm eagerly awaiting parts 5 and 6 to wrap this fucker up. Now I'll need to find time to run them ;)

I'm backing The Valley Out of Time for S&W DCC MCC Part 5&6 FINAL! for the Swords & Wizardry flavor in Print & PDF. 18 bucks plus shipping, I think is a steal.

The Valley Out of Time is a series of 'zine-sized adventures from SGP. This valley can be placed in any ongoing campaign and is set in the "Neanderthal Period" of tech development. Huge monsters – both dinosaurs and otherwise – and devolved humanoids plague the area, and only the hardiest of adventurers will prevail! This series of adventures borrows heavily from classic dinosaur art, books, and movies; if you have ever seen a classic Frank Frazetta or Roy Krenkel painting, or read or watched The Land that Time Forgot, The Lost World, Journey to the Center of the Earth, One Million Years B.C., The Flintstones, any Ray Harryhausen film, etc., you are going to feel right at home.

All the books in the series are 5 1/2" x 8" saddle-stitch (stapled) or perfect-bound (glued) "zine size" offerings, ranging from 20 to 30 (or more!) pages. The price for the books is based off calculations for the 20-page book, so the larger books are just more content! Enjoy!

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