Saturday, October 8, 2022

Deal of the Day - FlexTale Infinite Adventures Volume 1: Western Realm of Aquilae (System Neutral)

We've had a nice streak of OSR usable Deals of the Day, and today is no different.

Today's Deal of the Day is FlexTale Infinite Adventures Volume 1: Western Realm of Aquilae (System Neutral). Normally 9.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning at 11 AM Eastern, it is on sale for 2 bucks.


Contains 25 significant points of interest (POI).  Each one is designed to be interesting enough for at least an entire gaming session, if not an entire multi-session arc, or even an entire campaign.  Each POI could be its own book :)

Each POI is designed to be immediately usable in any fantasy TTRPG, in any campaign setting, with zero to little preparation.

The entire book has been designed from the ground up to support and enable solo adventuring.

Also contains universally-usable mechanics, guidelines, tables, and general resources for all points of interest in a fantasy TTRPG campaign.

Zero Prep, System-Agnostic

Designed to be immediately usable in any fantasy TTRPG, all Infinite Adventures books require zero prep time.

What is This Thing?

FlexTale Infinite Adventures is a concept that applies the Infinium Game Studio approach to points of interest on a fantasy TTRPG map.  Detailed descriptions, endless permutations of things to keep things fresh, easy-to-use tables and resources, and plenty of ideas and inspiration.

This book is the first in a series describing the various Points of Interest (POI) in the Western Realm of Aquilae.  Though it was created with this setting in mind, everything in this book was designed to be system- and setting-agnostic.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Discovery, including read-aloud text, "Why You Might Come Here", "So You Find Yourself Here", Hooks, and more.
  • Activities, including Adventure Snippets, Quests, Secrets, Threats, and more.
  • Location information, including a heatmap / location guide for the POI's presence in the Realm of Aquilae.
  • Rumors & Lore table with true, partially true, and false stories about the POI.
  • Events and Quirks, describing unique phenomena that might occur as you explore.
  • More interesting for players.  Easier to run for D/GMs.  Full, out of the box support for solo players.
  • And above all: NOT BORING!


Inside, you'll find:

  • 149 tables
  • 35 FlexTables (each one 4 tables in one)
  • 37 pages of Utility Tables: quickly and dynamically generate entire dungeon maps, traps, poisons, diseases, curses, treasure, and spells.
  • "Jump Right In" introduciton describing exactly how to use this book based on your needs as a G/DM
  • Dedicated discussion on how to use this book as a solo adventurer
  • Creature Modifiers to quickly make even the most ho-hum, boring common monster more interesting and unique
  • Much, much more!

Points of Interest

Each of the following gets 4 full dedicated pages of description, tools, variability, and resources.  With the tables provided, any one of these POI represents tens of thousands of possible combinations of use in your game!

  1. Abbey
  2. Ancient Halls
  3. Aquifers of Charnel Heights
  4. Armory of Armies
  5. Army of the Damned
  6. Astuterie Galleries
  7. Asylums
  8. Barbarian Wastes
  9. Barrowlands
  10. Basin of Welcome
  11. Bazaar of the Righteous
  12. Behemoth Falls
  13. Blackiron Cathedral
  14. Blackstack Village
  15. Blades of Thyraxis
  16. Bleaktract
  17. Bloodwater Dam
  18. Bone Orchard
  19. Bravislatovok
  20. Breweries of the Ivory Flight
  21. Cagicull Keep
  22. Cairn of the Forsaken
  23. Cakemount
  24. Camels Threat
  25. Canyon of the Godswound

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