Sunday, July 10, 2022

ConManKen PSA for Those That Don't Watch the Tavern on YouTube

ConManKen PSA for Those That Don't Watch the Tavern on YouTube
I only follow a handful of blogs, of course the Tavern is on that short list. I can also be kind of lazy and tend to go and review a whole week of posts on these blogs over the weekend, or when I have a quiet moment at lunch.....well, allegedly I'm on lunch.

Imagine my surprise when I'm going through the last week of posts here at the Tavern and I simply cannot find the post I'm looking for. I could've sworn that there was an update regarding Ken Whitman, er Con Man Ken? What is it that Erik calls him....Whitless? I know I could do a search and figure it out, but lazy and I'm already on the blog, posting.....

....of course I forget that most every web browser has something call "tabs". Maybe I should have more coffee before hopping online....

OK, ConManKen and Whitless are things and not my creation or imagination. Was it my imagination that there was an update? I could've sworn I heard about one and Whitless is really where my introduction to the Tavern, as a guest poster, began. Kenny managed to bilk my household out of $450 on the KoDT: LAS Kickstarter and Erik let me rail on about it.

The thought that Kenny might get back into our community, in ANY capacity other than as an inmate requesting we send him gaming materials to make his cell time more comfortable (hey, a guy can dream, right?), well it gives me chills.

I did find the info I was looking for....it was on the Tavern's YouTube channel. Not listed here in any easy capacity. No, that will not do:

I know this is essentially double-dipping, but it's not Erik's fault.....it's mine. Kenny is working an angle...has to be, he's done it before, actually multiple times IIRC, and him popping up to solicit Erik for an interview cannot be a good thing. You have to dig through the YouTube comments, well all 14 at this point, to see that info.

While I should really have, well a "real" post for today, I can't let this one go. The thought that this KickScammer might circle back around to us......*shudder*

If Kenny does an interview, I really hope it is documented online outside of YouTube. 


  1. Since I'm not into videos or video blogs, it's not double dipping for me. Still not sure what the news update is, though.

    1. Agreed spell it and save us some cash

    2. As far as I know it was just that Whitman posted to his YouTube channel and said that things are coming up soon or words to that effect, and with a few more tossed in on top.

  2. He's hardly the only dodgy SOB sleazing back into the industry (although he might be the worst) - Dyskami is a just mask for the same Marc MacKinnon that ran Guardians of Order, and he still hasn't paid all the freelencers he screwed over when GoO went under due to his mismanagement. Small beans compared to Whitman's grandiose grifting, but still something to think about before you go buying, say, Absolute Power or that D&D 5e Anime book. .

  3. Thing is, Erik moved all the news stuff to the Videos because the viewership was very stagnant and small when it was live. I don't watch video blogs at all, because it takes 10 minutes to tell me something that I can read in 1 minute. Things like this need to be reported here on the Tavern, where opinion can be easily separated from facts rather than having to sit through blatherskite.


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