Saturday, July 9, 2022

Deal of the Day - The Palace of Unquiet Repose (OSE Version)

The Palace of Unquiet Repose (OSE Version)
is a solid 5 Star release with eight 5-star ratings and one 5-star review on DTRPG. The Palace of Unquiet Repose (OSE Version) is also today's Deal of the Day, taking the PDF down from 10 bucks to a mere $3.

The Palace of Unquiet Repose (OSE Version) is an adventure for levels 3-5, although sadly there isn't much of a product description on the DTRPG splash page.

Uyu-Yadmogh. Prince of Princes. Archmage. Devourer of Children. Under the earth he built himself a palace in which he could abide eternity. Now he is only half-remembered legend.

The ground trembles, the earth is split asunder. In the sunken depths of the earth, the Palace awaits.

An adventure for those who dare.

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