Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Deal of the Day - Midnight Boulevard: 2D6 Adventure in the World of Film Noir (Cepheus Engine)

I know this may not be a Deal of the Day that is up everyone's alley, or back alley. I just happen to like "film noir", and packaging noir with Cepheus Engine (Traveller) is simply too interesting for me to pass on. Midnight Boulevard: 2D6 Adventure in the World of Film Noir is normally 3.99, but until tomorrow morning its on sale for 1.50 in PDF.

Film noir (“black film”; plural films noir) is a type of stylized crime movie made from the early 1940s to the late 1950s and known for dark and cynical worldviews, usually illustrated by innovative — and often disturbing — directing and lighting techniques. Films noir highlighted social post-war angst and insecurity and featured such tropes as corrupt authority, deeply flawed protagonists, dark urban settings, dangerous women (the “femme fatale”, often contrasted with the “good girl”), an obsession with the characters’ pasts, unflinching looks at human turpitude, and helplessness against one’s fate.

Awright, that’s enough squawkin’ about the pictures! You birds already knew all that — now you wanna know what’s in it for you! Hang out your ear and I’ll tell you. Midnight Boulevard is the 2D6 treatment for getting along in a film noir world, savvy? It’s based on Cepheus Engine and the Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, so you already know kinda what you’re getting with a lifepath mechanic and plenty of past careers. But there’s other swag in here too; here, I’ll let the wisehead tell you:

  • A Scar table to determine the character’s inner turmoil and flawed past that affects present actions
  • Rules for drinking — and being affected by — alcohol, a staple of films noir
  • A table for determining the types of organized crime entities the heroes interact with
  • A selection of equipment, weapons, and vehicles
  • Suggestions for running characters through a film noir setting
  • A selection of slang terms used during the period

Okay, that’s enough, pally; beat it, already! The rest of you mugs, what are you waiting for? Grab Midnight Boulevard and your rod and get in on the action before some torpedo beats you to it.


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