Thursday, December 2, 2021

Kickstarter - Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II

The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society
is back, with more volumes of new material in a collector's slipcase.

I've been a fan of The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society since I first found the Traveller Starter Set in the 80s. There was always something special about the articles one would find within. When I found the reprint volumes at the Complete Strategist a few years ago, I bought a set.

Now Mongoose is Kickstarting The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II. Its hit a number of stretch goals, so Volumes 7-12 are included. It should be a ton of inspirational material for scifi gamers in general, and Traveller campaigns in particular.

This is what we currently have planned for Volume Seven (subject to tweaks and ever better ideas as we continue to work on the Journals):

  •  A Week in Jump: A whole range of events to spice up your week-long jumps between stars
  •  Acis - The Devil You Know: Portrait of the Acis system in the Trojan Reach
  •  Advanced Lasers: Laser turrets not big enough for you? Consider a range of barbette and bay laser weapons
  •  Deepnight Revelation Traveller Creation: New considerations when creating Travellers for the epic Deepnight Revelation campaign
  •  Doctor Izikai Nafir: A roguish doctor to complicate the lives of your Travellers
  •  Golden Dawn Yacht: A new yacht for nobles - as only the Sindalian Empire could do it
  •  Initial 24 Arms 'Go' Cases: A complete rapid reaction suite of weapons, armour and other necessities, in a selection of handy-sized packages
  •  The Ithklur: A playable alien species from the Hive Federation
  •  Kar'wyikh and Lord Afle Urelad: An Aslan lord of the Trojan Reach to be used as both patron and foil for your Travellers
  •  Krungha Processing Ark: Used by an exiled K'kree clan from the Two Thousand Worlds, this is a truly massive ship that prowls space dominated by carnivores
  •  Misadventures at Blinderby Manor: Set on a backwater world, this is a multi-branched encounter for Travellers that can easily lead to a full-blown adventure
  •  Ramona Raskin: Looking to convert and operate a laboratory ship for trade missions, Ramona is a Spacer of the Vanguard Reaches looking for helpful Travellers
  •  Uraz Gnoezdanu: Set in The Beyond, the Travellers are asked to break into a defence systems manufacturer’s computers to determine shipping information
  •  Stellar Cartography: A truly deep dive into stellar cartography and a look into why (and how) 3D space is represented in two dimensions on sector maps
  •  The Spacers' Union: Use the collective power of spacers to curb the worst excesses of Solomani governments

Volumes Eight and Nine have oodles more articles, including more aliens and animals, more adventures and characters, a travelling tavern built out of an old Mercenary Cruiser, a revisiting of two classic Double Adventures (The Argon Gambit and Divine Intervention), and much, much more - we will be showcasing the contents of each volume during the Kickstarter process and courting your opinion on the articles!

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