Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Kickstarter - Folio #28 The Howling Dungeon Gaming Adventure! (1e & 5e)

Part 3 of a new AD&D and 5E Mega-Dungeon Adventure Set!

I've been a follower of The Folio series of adventures since damn near the beginning. I find they are very useful to mine for ideas, and the production quality is second to none.

Did I mention they have detachable maps on the inside covers?

Folio #28 The Howling Dungeon Gaming Adventure is a low-level adventure (2-4). I happen to be a fan of low-level adventures, as I have a firm belief that high-level adventures need to be tailored to the party, whereas low-level adventures require less tweaking. YMMV.

Folio #28  will introduce characters to the next section of the massive Virgin Mine Dungeon, the Howling Dungeon!.   Unlike normal dungeons, this one carries various mysteries and  wrinkles that 'bend' the rules of character advancement, and strategy will need to be employed as  the party learns the ropes within the Virgin Mine Dungeon setting.  Dungeon details include 2D standard hex maps as  well as fully 3D renderings of The Howling Dungeon section of The Virgin Mine.    A gazetteer section will give background on the new rules and the  exterior camps and companies.  Several new monsters lurk within as well   as new magical treasure.  It also features a fully removable and stand-alone cover in perfect OSR tradition that acts as a DM Screen!

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