Sunday, November 28, 2021

Finally Got My Hands on Bunkers & Badasses

Finally Got My Hands on Bunkers & Badasses
Back in April I had a post about finding a D&Dish console game that I enjoyed, in part, because it allowed me to to merge a couple of my specific hobbies. Both were gaming, but different types. I don't get to blend gaming types often, but this weekend was another somewhat unexpected "surprise" merging of gaming genres, but this time the other way around.

Now I say "surprised" which is technically not true since I bought this thing maybe a year or a year and a half ago.......but whatever. I was pleasantly surprised by the package on my doorstep.

Now I'm sure at least a few patrons here at the Tavern have a console and undoubtedly a few have played some of the Borderlands games. Remember that Borderlands post from October (well I mentioned the game in the post)? Well in that particular DLC, named Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, the characters from Borderlands are playing a fictional D&Dish game called Bunkers & Badasses....

...well, it was fictional, until last Friday. My copy of Bunkers & Badasses is what arrived.

Now I need another game system like I need a hole in the head, but I love D&D (I know, we all do here) and I'm a huge Borderlands fan, so the opportunity to combine the two was just too much to pass up. Now I haven't really gotten into the bowels of the game yet, but I did open the big, heavy box up and take a quick peek.

Missing dice and figures...(just missing from the picture!)
Some of the contents...

The Deluxe version came with an embossed rulebook, a rather heavy-duty two sided map that folds up rather well, a bunch of minis (10 nice PC types and some monster standees and tokens), dice, weapon cards, a stack of PC and DM sheets, and an erasable marker.

With it being a holiday weekend and all, I haven't even looked at the rules yet. I'm dying to see how they pulled off the gun cards and, more importantly, how/if I can add gun cards to the deck from the other games in the series. I'm sure it's possible, but until I dive in who knows.....I just gots to be able to dual-wield a Grog Nozzle and an Unkempt Harold.

Oh...I totally forgot about the DM/GM...or would it be BM? Screen. I clearly haven't played or used it yet, but I can already tell I'm going to love it. I waffle a bit on using a screen or not using a screen, but usually my issue is just the sheer size of the typical GM screen. The Bunkers & Badasses screen is like half-height. The moment I picked it up I was thinking, "Hell yes, this is perfect!" I'm already eye-balling this thing to be a template for my own "regular" OSR screen.

Now I don't expect that I'll get too much table-time with Bunkers & Badasses, but since it's clearly a new game and I don't expect that my normal gaming circle has played either it or the source material before, so it might make for a fun one-off......or for the price a few one-offs!

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