Friday, November 19, 2021

Kickstarter - Uncommon Monstrosities (3d Printable Miniatures)

One of these days I'm going to have to take the plunge and get a 3d printer. I've been saying that for at least two years now, and when I see things like James Shields's latest Kickstarter, it makes me want it more and more. The issue for me is space, but I may have a solution after Christmas. Of course, I'd have to back for the STL files now. Hmmm, maybe I'll ask for a nice 3d printer for Christmas...

Oh, and look at that! 25 bucks for the base buy-in. 75 bucks if you want a non-exclusive license to print and sell the minis. At 125 you also get non-exclusive stock art rights to the art. Damn you Uncommon Monstrosities! I'm in for $125.

Some monsters get all the attention. Why use the same old monsters when there are so many diverse creatures in fantasy worlds? Challenge your players with... Uncommon Monstrosities!

This project offers 20 unique creatures with unusual approaches to classic monsters. Every model is inspired by tabletop artist, Jeshields and modeled by Dionizo Lopes.

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