Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Return of the Tavern Chat Podcast to Anchor/Spotify is Now!

As many have remarked recently, and justifiably complained, I had stopped uploading recent episodes of the daily Tavern Chat Youtube series to Anchor. The reason was simple - it could take up to half an hour for Anchor to upload and format a 15-minute video as a podcast, and the process often crashed. The process was worse for the live streams, as they are often 2 hours in length. The process hadn't always been so long and tedious (it was never quick), but something had changed on the Anchor side of things.

Recently, Anchor invited me to apply for their new "videocast" program, which promised to have uploaded videos available as video AND audio feeds on Spotify, and audio elsewhere. I applied and was accepted.

Late this afternoon I uploaded one of the recent videos I had recorded on Arduin. I went to the YouTube page to copy and paste the description, and in that time, the file had uploaded and converted. Literally, as fast as I could copy and paste, episodes were going live on Anchor.

I put up five episodes thus far, all touching on Arduin. I'll likely start uploading some Talking Crit live streams next, and see how long that process takes. I'm very hopeful.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but Anchor not just fixed a problem, but they improved the process from where it was before the slowdown.

It's almost like an early Christmas gift :)

(edit - the new episodes are now Season 2, with numbering starting from 1)

(edit two - this week's Talking Crit took less than 5 minutes to upload and process to Anchor - holy shit!)

Here's the link to the Anchor Tavern Chat Channel

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  1. Thanks, Tenkar. I prefer the podcasts, so this is a pleasant development. Laramie will also be happy.


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