Monday, April 5, 2021

Kickstarter - Mythic Table (Open Source, Non-Profit VTT)

I'm a huge fan of Virtual Table Tops, which for brevity's sake I'll refer to as VTTs for the rest of this post. kLoOge.Werks (last updated in June of 2020) was one of the earlier ones I played around with. Screenmonkey (last updated in 2012) was yet another. Battlegrounds was another early VTT I tried, which is still in development. Maptools, iTabletop (I was a forum mod there briefly), Fantasy Grounds (1, 2, and Unity), Roll20, the list goes on. I've probably forgotten more VTTs than many readers have actually used.

All this is to give you my bonafides, not as a VTT expert, as I certainly am not, but as a consumer that enjoys following the development of VTTs and is still looking for that certain VTT that will hit upon all of my wants and dreams, even the dreams that I don't even realize I have.

This brings us to, in a less than direct manner, Mythic Table. An open-source VTT is NOT something I'm used to seeing, and although I am definitely NOT a programer (thus my love/hate relationship with Fantasy Grounds) I can see where a strong community could drive this software, and I think I want to be along for that trip, even if only in the passenger seat ;)

So, what does Mythic Table offer right now?

  • Basic assets for out-of-the-box (ootb) playability - maps and characters.
  • Campaigns - Viewing, joining, adding, editing, and removing campaigns
  • Dice - Rolling, chat, security, rendering, persistence, etc
  • User - Registration, login, authentication, guest users, and profiles
  • Maps - Viewing, adding, editing, deleting, and more
  • Smooth interface - User experience process, UI iterations, and user interviews
  • Character - Viewing, adding, editing, deleting, frame, moving persistence, and more.

Stretch goals add more features, like Fog of War (a necessity for me) and World Anvil integration, and backers get discounts at the Open Gaming Network / Open Gaming Store, and at higher backer levels, World Anvil.

I'm a backer and I'm anxious to see how Mythic Table progresses. 

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