Thursday, October 8, 2020

We'll Be Adding YouTube Videos to The Tavern's Mix Next Week

Yep, The Tavern has a YouTube Channel and it's fairly easy to remember the URL: YouTube.com/ErikTenkar

At the moment its some old videos and a reposting of The Tavern Chat Podcast, but starting next week (or sooner) I'll be adding regular, exclusive material. Games From the Basement, a series of posts here at The Tavern, known for highlighting RPGs and other tabletop games that have been in my collection since the 1980s, will return as a video series. Its a visual thing, so the podcast doesn't work so well, but its also sentimental, which doesn't always convey well with the written word.

Additionally, the initial plan is to record two episodes of the Tavern Chat Podcast each week, live-streamed via YouTube, for real-time feedback and interaction from the viewers. I'll announce days / times shortly. Afterwards, it will then be uploaded to the podcast feed. Additionally, I'd like to move future Fireside Chats / Interviews to a Livestream format. Again, this will allow for more immediate feedback and interaction from the viewers.

So, subscribe to The Tavern's Official YouTube Chanel at YouTube.com/ErikTenkar to never miss an episode.

As we get closer to Christmas, I suspect that OSR Christmas will intersect with The Tavern's YouTube Channel. I heard it from some elf that was talking to this dwarf...

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