Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Deal of the Day - Grand History of the Realms (Forgotten Realms - System Neutral)

The Grand History of the Realms is actually a fan-written project that was picked up by WotC because of its high quality.

I've always enjoyed the Forgotten Realms since the early gray boxed set, but the timeline has gotten horribly unwieldy and I'd pretty much given up on following it by the end of the 3.5 era. Grand History of the Realms is something I hadn't seen until now.

Grand History of the Realms is systemless, so no matter which version of the D&D rules you are running with you'll find it to be a handy resource for the Realms. Normally 9.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning Grand History of the Realms is on sale for 5.99.

All of Toril, and especially Faerûn, is rich in history. As the eons have passed, empires have risen and fallen all around the world. This chronology presents the history of the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting in all its glory. We’ve brought together information from dozens of sources to provide the definitive chronicle. 

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