Saturday, August 29, 2020

Deal of the Day - The Blackest Space - An Interstellar Sci-Fi Survival Roleplaying Game (OSR)

When it comes to OSR based RPG systems, Bloat Games has a pretty good track record. While I'm not sure I need another scifi ruleset, the OSR is famous for its hackability and The Blackest Space may provide good source material for some White Star gaming. At 3 bucks -normally 9.99, there really is no reason now to find out :) 

Written by Josh Palmer (Co-Creator of Dark Places & Demogorgons and Vigilante City) comes The Blackest Space, a Sci-Fi game that utilizes the BoD game system created by Eric Bloat for The Blackest of Deaths RPG

There is 15 Classes represented in The Blackest Space:  Bounty Hunter, Captain. Communications Commander, Ebontear Endbringer, Ebontear Necrojudge, Emerald Champion, Medical Officer, Meta-Psych, Pilot, Pirate, Science Officer, Security Director, Shock Marine, Smuggler and Technician.

And 12 Playable Races: The Apparatus, Arpi, Asaluss, Cymyrs, Gnargfang, Gronslag, Harkfey, Humans, Lanerians. Mirewhips, Qu’fer and Zygaq.

Content included:

  • Rules VS Rulings
  • Core Mechanic
  • Benefit and Hindrance
  • Advantage and Disadvantage
  • Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity and Charisma)
  • Determining Attributes
  • Luck
  • Hit Points
  • Healing
  • Death
  • Move, Evade & Armor Points
  • Everything In Turn
  • Leveling Up
  • Initiative
  • Combat
  • Vacuum of Space & Dangerous Enviroments
  • Gear and Currency
  • Weapons, Armor and Equipment
  • Cybernetics
  • Robots
  • Vehicles
  • Interstellar Ships
  • Space Combat
  • Free Actions
  • Star Ships (all sizes and upgrades)
  • Space Booty (Stat Bonuses, Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Galactic Repute/Currency, Special Items)
  • Galaxy Background
  • Earth's Timeline
  • Sections of the known Milky Way
  • Gronslag Empire, Lanerian Depths, The Solar Council,  Earth, PAX I, J-15, Nexus Base Evermore, The Azure Domain, Barrison-5, Zonatt-3141, The Golden Arsenal, Illumination Realm, The Brine Mire, Crucible Center, The Emerald Edge, Arpourus III and XI, Forbidden Zone, Ventura II, Fury VI, Wyll III, Blackspace Corsairs, La'samoo Station, Devogolos, Koshka-8 and many, many more!
  • Organtizations:  The Infinity Exchange, The Probers or Greys & The Ruins of the Great Ancients
  • Random Star System Generators
  • Templates

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