Monday, August 24, 2020

Deal of the day - GM’s Miscelany: Dungeon Backdrop


Let’s see how well I do posting with my iPad. Maybe the new Blogger interface will solve a multitude of problems. Maybe ;)

Today’s Deal of the Day is GM’s Miscellany: Dungeon Backdrops. The whole GM’s Miscellany line is simply an awesome resource for the harried GM, and this release is no exception.

You are a GM, but you are busy. You want to write your own modules, but you just don’t have the time. And you don’t want to use commercial modules. You want to make your campaign your own. That’s where the Dungeon Backdrop line comes in! Each Dungeon Backdrop presents a fully fleshed out and lovingly detailed self-contained dungeon ready for you to use as you see fit. Stock the dungeon with your own monsters (and—perhaps—their treasure), decide their back story and you are good to go. 

Every Dungeon Backdrop is carefully designed to be easily inserted into almost any fantasy campaign. Dungeon Backdrops: we describe the dungeon, you add the monsters (and the treasure).

Ah well. Still problems. I’m biding my time in the hospital for some tests. Thank God for Chris Stodgill. Give the man some love.

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  1. So is it just maps, or is it like B1 In Search of the Unknown, where it has some description but no monsters/treasure?


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