Friday, August 28, 2020

Final Two Weeks for Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter

Final Two Weeks for Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter
Erik should be home today from the hospital, but I'm off work early today and thought I'd use the Tavern soapbox to shill for myself, something I thought fellow Tavern-goers (do we collectively have name?) might be interested in:

Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Game Kickstarter.

I know, I know.....it's probably bad form to have one post with where I name-drop Ken Whitman (or is it Whit Whitman now?) and then the next day mention a different Kickstarter......

Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter
I cannot do much about that now, if Erik has a problem he'll either cut me off at the bar, or.......heaven forbid, ask me to settle my bar tab. I think I'm good because the folks over at Necrotic Gnome have actually come through on their 1st Kickstarter for Old School Essentials, which was a B/X Clone.

Just a couple weeks ago I got my copy of the OSE Classic Fantasy Rules Tome.....and it is sooooooo droolworthy. Holy crap is it nice! Now I don't want to talk shit about other B/X games/sets, but I really only want to play with my OSE book now. It is one of them there "fancy" European sized books, I don't know A5 maybe.......ugh, I feel a little less 'Merican for even knowing that, but whatever. The book is beautiful, sturdy, and full of gorgeous little touches.

When I found out that Necrotic Gnome was doing another Kickstarter to add-in some "Advanced Fantasy" supplements...I bought in ASAP. Since the Kickstarter has just under two weeks left as of the time of this post I figured I'd clue some of you in.

Click on the link above if you're interested.....


You know that OSE Classic Fantasy Rules Tome I was just gushing over? Yeah, i just learned it's on sale over at Necrotic Gnome's Website......for a lot less than I paid for it. With the quick Euro-conversion I just did I think it's $41 plus shipping.......

......oh, wait a minute....that's if you're one of those European-type folks that natively gets what an A5 sized book is. Those guys get it on sale for more than haf-off. We can get it for $40 through Exhalted Funeral, and it's the same price what I paid for.....guess I got a little too exited....must have been thinking of the gobs of money I spent on other gaming stuff recently (got a bunch of 3d printing stuff and filled some holes in my comics collection).

If you didn't already have the Classic (B/X) Fantasy Rules Tome already, but were interested I think I'd probably just buy in to the Kickstarter and grab everything you wanted all at once and get a huge present to yourself, but that's more to see if you can shave a few bucks off of shipping.

A lot of us here at the Tavern love the OSR and this is just a pretty new flavor of OSR that I happen to enjoy right now. Love it or leave it.....your choice, but better to have the choice than to miss out....right?

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