Sunday, March 1, 2020

Kickstarter - Face Folio (100 Fantasy Portraits for Tabletop Role-playing Games)

When it comes to RPG material that really catches my attention, inspirational releases grab my attention more often than anything else. I prefer stuff that enhances my campaign - so something like the Face Folio Kickstarter is perfect for my needs.

So, what do you get with Face Folio?
Face Folio is a simple project with a simple goal: to provide 100 fantasy portraits for use in your tabletop role-playing games. Referees are always on the lookout for NPC faces to show their players and players are always looking for portraits for their character sheets. This project aims to meet that need. 
The portraits will be organized into the following sets: 
  • Human NPCs/PCs
  • Dragon-blood
  • Dwarf
  • Elf 
  • Gnome
  • Halfling 
  • Orc-blood
  • Demon-blood 
  • Human nobles
  • Human peasants and towns folk 
Each set will contain ten portraits, half male and half female. With the exception of the human nobles and peasants, the portraits will be a spread of adventuring classes. 
The Zine will have a simple elegant layout with 10 portraits per two-page spread, and organized in the above groups. There will be no blocks of text and no fluff to get in the way. That way this book can be used right at the table, as and when needed, for example when the referee suddenly needs an NPC to drop into the game.  
We are using a single artist to do all the artwork. This is because MARCINs is a wonderfully talented artist and because we want there to be a coherent and unified style to the whole project.
It's about 7 bucks in PDF, Print plus PDF is about 12 bucks shipped. I'm in for a print copy.

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