Thursday, March 5, 2020

Kickstarter - Tiny Cthulhu

Cosmic Horror meets the minimalist TinyD6 RPG system in Tiny Cthulhu!

I really enjoy the TinyD6 system. Heck, it's one of the few "modern" systems that I pretty much grocked with little difficulty. Then there is Cthulhu. A very popular setting, I do believe Evil Hat has done a Kickstarter for a FATE driven Cthulhu RPG. Screw FATE - that system really makes no sense to me ;)

Gallant Knight Games is bringing us a TinyD6 Cthulhu RPG via Kickstarter. I'm over it like game designers on public domain horror resources ;)

I guess I'm adding to my TinyD6 collection...

15 bucks for the PDF. 40 bucks for SC Print plus PDF. 60 bucks for SC Print, PDF, Tiny Cthulhu d6 and a GM Screen. Need I say at what level I'm backing?
Using the rules in this book, you'll be able to play investigators, doomed heroes, and classic cosmic horror characters of all types, from scientists and librarians, to WWI veterans, to mysterious guardians defending the world from the dark powers of cthonic entities!

Character creation is simple, fast, and exciting. You pick your character archetype based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Traits that each grant a single benefit, and you're done! 
Tiny Cthulhu features a myrid of settings set throughout the world and history, ranging from prehistory to the Bronze Age,  Age of Sail, World War 1, modern day, as well as fantasy, superheroes and the science fiction future! 
You can survive cosmic horror in any time or place! (Lucky you!) 
Additionally, each setting will have appendices that details how you can integrate other TinyD6 books like Tiny Dungeon 2e, Tiny Supers, and Tiny Frontiers: Revised with Tiny Cthulhu to create robust and unique experiences


  1. I pledged as well. This will be my first "Tiny" RPG.

  2. I have all the TinyD6 rulebooks so far. The Frontiers:Revised is the one I've gotten the most use out of but they are all pretty cool. Don't know about using these in a full campaign but for a short series or one shot or linked one shots it works great.


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