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Australia Relief Raffle (RPG Prizes)

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Australia Relief Raffle
by Mike Harrington
Posted on February 1, 2020

This past year, an early and unusally dry and hot drought season combined with Climate Change, resulted in a horrific series of fires in Australia which continues to burn to this day.

A mindnumbing 1 billion animals are now estimated dead due the fires in Australia fires and more than 15.6 million acres have been decimated. The number of kangaroos, koalas, and others killed keeps skyrocketing and estimates of economic impact to humans is also mindblowing - at least 24 people killed, over 1,400 homes destroyed. The costs of the fires in Sydney alone are estimated at 50 million a day.

Koala Recovering From Burns

David Baity, the author of Dark Trails and himself a firefighter has put together a relief raffle for the animals and people of Australia.

I am posting his letter to the RPG community here in the hopes of boosting the signal.

Here is David:

“Hey Folks, I’ve been working on something special for the last couple of weeks in response to the, truly horrific fires currently plaguing our friends in Australia. If you know me on any level, you probably know I’m a lover of all things feline and do a yearly prize raffle to raise money for local no-kill shelters in my area.

It’s hard to comprehend the death and destruction that the fires raging across Australia have caused and by now, we’ve all seen heartbreaking pictures floating around on the web.

That brings me to the great news I’m sharing with you today. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reaching out to friends I know in the industry in hopes they might donate some items for a charity raffle geared towards helping the animals and folks currently suffering in Australia.

The response has been amazing! Folks have jumped on board and offered some amazing prize support that I think will help make this raffle a big success! I’m going to list the prizes and donors below but want to lay out the important details first.

There will be one winner for all physical and digital rewards. In the case of multiple digital prizes, we will draw additional names for the extras.

Each $1 donated will enter you once for the drawing. Throw $10 dollars at the cause and you’ll earn ten entries in the raffle.

The raffle will begin 2/01/2020 and end on midnight 02/29/2020 with the winner being determined randomly by someone well known in the community other than myself.

Shipping will be covered for physical prizes, some of which I already have on hand, while others will be mailed directly from our generous donors. In the case of a non-US winner, we will strive to work with you on shipping, but you may be partly responsible for some of the charges.

I’ve chosen Wires (Wildlife Information Rescue Education) and GIVIT after doing some research into current organizations raising funds and think you’ll find them worthy of what we raise.

  • To donate click here
So, let’s get to the fun part of the post! You’ll find all the prizes going into the raffle listed below. I’m also including a link to visuals for those wishing to take a peek at the loot! SC= soft cover HB= hardback. You can find an album with pics of all the prize support here
  • Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection (faux leather edition),
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics rulebook (faux leather edition)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual #1 (faux leather edition)
  • Sailors of the Starless Sea adventure (HB faux leather edition),
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures #99, #98, #97, #96, #95, #94, #93, #92,#76,#75, #74, #73, #72, #71, #70, #69, #68, and #67 (all adventures are SC)
  • GM Gems (HB)
  • Into the Borderlands 5E (HB)
Stefan Poag: One original piece of art
Weird Works: A selection of three RPG stamps, adventure journals and magical adventure dice bag.
Impact! Miniatures: Full set of dice
  • Escape from the Demon Inn adventure (SC)
  • Temple of the Hamster adventure (SC)
  • Mother’s Maze adventure (SC)
  • The Haunting of Larvik Island adventure
  • Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman adventure
  • Children of the Fallen Sun adventure
Mudpuppy Games: Check this Artifact (HB) MCC supplement.
  • The Forbidden Caves of Archaia (HB and PDF)
  • Highfell (HB and PDF)
  • Barrowmaze (HB and PDF)
  • Sunken City Omnibus adventure x5 (PDF
  • Escape from the Shrouded Fen adventure x5 (PDF)
  • Carnival of the Damned adventure x5 (PDF)
  • Nebin Pendlebrooks Perilous Pantry adventure x5 (PDF)
Purple Pirate Games: Secrets of the World Harvesters adventure (SC and PDF)
Ken Campbell Creations DCC dice organizer tray (dice for show and not included)
  • DCC-Null Singularity adventure (SC)
  • DCC-World Quest of the Winter Clock adventure (SC)
  • DCC-Rock God Death Fugue adventure (SC)
  • DCC- Slave Drones of the Fantastiplex adventure (SC)
  • DCC-Chained Coffin (gold and silver foil edition SC)
  • 50 Fantastic Functions for the d50 (SC)
  • DCC-The Monster Alphabet (HB)
  • DCC- Pack of scratch-off character sheets
  • Incredible Lifeforms- a coloring book (SC)
  • Metamorphosis Alpha poster of the Warden
  • 3 random Reaper miniatures
  • us Alliance- A Fantasy Bluffing Card Game
  • Robotech Tactics Miniature Game
Shield of Faith Studios : Note-All prizes listed below fall under the Crawling Under a Broken Moon post-apocalypse RPG based off of the DCC RPG.
  • Umerican Survival Guide
  • Slave Drones of the Fantastiplex adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Burger Wars adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Twisted Menagerie Manual adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Killer of Giants adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Damn Tasty adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Children of the Sun adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Dark Trails RPG- Gaucho pledge level (you will receive all items and stretch goals listed at the Gaucho pledge level)
  • Dark Trails RPG- Rustler pledge level x 5 (you will receive a PDF copy of the game along with digital stretch goals.”
Mike Here: Please consider giving to this worthly cause to help the people of Austraila. Here is the link to donate again.

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