Friday, December 20, 2019

Kickstarter - Dragon Themed Polyhedral RPG Dice Set

After numerous requests, the Dragon RPG Set is here! New colors and great exclusives! THE DRAGONS ARE BACK!

Have I mentioned my dice addiction? heh

Here I am, backing another dice Kickstarter. Go figure. Let me present the Dragon Themed Polyhedral RPG Dice Set Kickstarter
In a sea of competitors, we'd like to list out what makes these dice unique and why we believe they will hold a place of honor in your dice bag! 
  • Dragon Breath Swirl We're very proud of the coloration of our swirled dice. They feature a blend of two colors with an iridescent glimmer that came out fantastic! We think they are super cool and the blending method perfectly captures the billowing dragon breath attack! Glitterwing Dragons These glimmering dragons are infused with glitter and shine in the light. These new dragons rely on the same glitter effects from our Oblit-O-Tron and Black Death dice that have been well received with our customers. The glitter is incredibly fine and creates a lustrous shimmer.
  • Larger Size Like all the dice we produce, these dice are larger and stand out on your game table. They tower over lesser dice and are easier to read.
  • Draconic Design The thematic design on the maximum face of each die captures the power of the dragons!
  • Choices Once funded, you will have the choice of any of the two base colors! As we unlock additional dragons, this will only add to the available options.
  • Dragon Hoard Along the way through the project we will be unlocking several bonus stretch goals. If you select one of the Dragon Hoard reward levels, you can expect to receive one of each of these with your rewards shipment!
  • Project Exclusives We have several items exclusive to this project. They are unique and fun and, of course, dragon themed!
  • Dragons Awesome in their own right. Death from above!!
You can get a set and a pin for 14 bucks. I'm in for 70, as I want the 6 1/2" die.

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