Wednesday, December 18, 2019

OSR Christmas - Day One - Time to Receive Gifts!

Alright, it is time to gift those who are receiving random gifts from Day One of OSR Christmas
Randomizers in hand, its time to roll some dice!

Today's Gift Pool:

1 - Moon Wizard OSR Patch by Thad Moore - Narmer

1 - James Mishler Games "One of Everything" in PDF
       (19 titles in all) - sevenbastard

From MonkeyBlood / Glynn Seal
 1 - The City of Great Lunden hardback plus Map Sets and Pregen
Character Cards (Print - Ships Worldwide) - Ryan @aqualithmedia 

1 - HandyMaps Towns & Villages (Print - Ships World Wide) - Joel Watkins 

1 - Midderlands PDF -  RhinoDino1973 

1 - The City of Great Lunden PDF -  Basement Axis Mundi

Note - FOUR separate gifts from MonkeyBlood

From Genius Loci Games

1 - New Class Options - vivaldi0

From Tenkar's Tavern / The Tavern Chat Podcast

2 - $10 DrivethruRPG Gift Certificates
     - Baron Greystone
    - JanE

There you have it. If you gift is a PDF / digital / Gift Certificate, we'll need the email you use with DriveThruRPG. If the gift is physical, we need you snail mail / shipping address.

Please email tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom by December 23rd, 2019 to claim your gift. Put OSR Christmas Gifted in the subject of the email.

There are affiliate links above. Affiliate links keep the lights on and the taps flowing here at The Tavern.

New gift list posted will be posted.tomorrow.


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