Monday, December 16, 2019

News - Gary Con 2020 - Grand Geneva Overbooked - Check Your Email

Shared from the Gary Con website:

Growing Pains: Grand Geneva is Overbooked
December 15, 2019  By MELF

Gary Con attendees are passionate about coming to Lake Geneva and celebrating with the Gygax Family. The Grand Geneva received such a huge and overwhelming response when they opened up the Gary Con hotel block earlier this year that the reservations team booked more rooms than there were actually available.  The error was temporary but several people were booked in a twenty-minute period when all the rooms were already reserved.  So check your spam folders and see if you were one of those people because there is a limited time offer if you were effected. 
Thankfully, the Grand Geneva has come up with a way to take care of all of the people that are overbooked.  A brand new hotel, The Fairfield Inn and Suites, opened up this fall only 1.4 miles from the Grand Geneva.  Everyone will have the opportunity to book a room at the Fairfield for $129.00 per night plus get some great perks.

  • Complimentary breakfast at the Fairfield
  • Complimentary transportation between the Fairfield and Gary Con at the Grand Geneva
  • Complimentary parking at both places if you want to drive your car
  • $25 Grand Geneva Resort Credit per room, per night for use towards food and beverage (up to $75)
  • A Gary Con Gift pack ($35 value)
  • Preferred booking at the Grand for Gary Con XIII in 2021

If your reservation at the Grand Geneva was effected you have until DECEMBER 30, 2019 to claim your room at the Fairfield.  SO please check your emails.
Some observations and comments from your bartender:

  • Registration was back in March of 2019.
  • It was booked within hours.
  • It takes 9 months to realize you are overbooked?
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites was asking for volunteers to move from the Grand Geneva to Fairfield a few days ago. It was a limited time offer. Does this mean the Grand Geneva was hoping enough guests would switch venues voluntarily and thus avoid having to announce the screw-up?
  • Some folks affected have complained that their billing info was shared with a third party - Fairfield - without their consent.


  1. One could also point out that the GG is large enough the overflow themselves, but they don't want to eat any profit loss on those rooms.

  2. Glad it was fixed promptly for everyone.


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