Saturday, August 17, 2019

Deal of the Day - Advanced Labyrinth Lord

Today's Deal of the Day is Advanced Labyrinth Lord. Normally 14.99 in PDF, until tomorrow morning it's on sale for 8.99.
Finally, the basic and advanced game rules are in one volume! 
This book combines the material originally presented in the Labyrinth Lord core rules and in the Advanced Edition Companion. Play advanced and basic characters in the same group, or choose to play one or the other. 
Enter a world filled with labyrinths, magic, and monsters! Choose a basic race-class, advanced class, or even multiclass to combine the two! All of the basic and advanced options are within reach. 
Labyrinth Lord is the Rosetta Stone of old-school fantasy rules. 
It is easy to use basic and advanced game adventures from other publishers with these rules.  
In this book you will find...
  • A complete guide to basic and advanced characters
  • All core basic and advanced monsters
  • Basic and advanced spells
  • The full repertoire of basic and advanced magic items
  • Optional rules to make your game even more advanced
  • Welcome back to old-school gameplay.
**Note that the PDF includes both the Dragon cover and Orcus Cover images.
Yep, that's an affiliate link above. Affiliate links keep the beer cold and the lights on at The Tavern. I thank you for your support 

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  1. DTRPG is messing up for me, cannot purchase using account credit. I hope it'll get fixed before the sale ends. I don't really need LL, but would like to have it anyway.


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