Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A "WTF are they Thinking?!?" Kickstarter - Role Playing Games Television (Funds at $800k)

"A grand showcase of production and performance, with table top miniature photography and role playing dramatized by actors."

You know how I point out some projects on Kickstarter have no clue what Kickstarter is and how it works? Well, the Role Playing Games Television Kickstarter certainly knows what Kickstarter is for - printing money - $8,000 bills at a time. What do I mean? There is only one backer level:

Now, you get a % of the company. How much a percentage, he doesn't say. But to fund, we'll need 100 backers at 8k apiece. And you though Destination Fantastic had lofty goals.

Then there is the video. Beyond listening to just how smart the project creator is, we get horrible jump cuts, uncertainty over the stock offering (with all of the jump cuts why not edit this piece?) and a shirt that is much too tight at the belly button. I was simply fascinated with what appeared to be a belly button outside his shirt. Why the hell did he have to spotlight this?

The Youtube channel mentioned? It has 8 subscribers:


Role Playing Games Television Kickstarter is a product of hubris, delusions, psychosis or perhaps all of the above.
While we are aiming to produce Television Shows using former famous Dungeons and Dragons modules produced by TSR (currently owned by Hasbro and managed by Wizards of the Coast), new properties are encouraged and have been developed. More ROI can be garnered by producing newly minted RPG settings, providing a income for new developers and writers. 
Whether it can contract for popular licenses from Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, is to be determined over 5 months. It is not essential to get other properties but the fastest track to profit is to get licenses to famous Dungeons and Dragons modules from Hasbro/Wizard of the Coast.  
I have never done that, but it is just a matter of the right price?  
The process uses modules to develop storylines and characters, and previously famous modules SHOULD BE produced as movies and TV. They will be! 
The second round of funding will be the affirmation of the proof of concept as a showcase for developing properties, so a second round of investment may come from Wizards of the Coast, and this company would be continuing to develop properties and also developing movies from Wizard of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons modules. 
I thought the D&D movie license was subject to an ongoing lawsuit. I'm glad I was corrected. ;)

Thankfully it's not a product that will see the light of day at this rate...


  1. That might be the dumbest Kickstarter, evar!

  2. There is only one backer level ....

  3. G4 turned out awesome, so this can only go more awesome.

    1. I quite liked G4. But most of the hosts (who for the most part I liked) are struggling in obscurity. Occasionally a Kevin Pererra or Morgan Webb will pop up on Geek & Sundry, but even for those appearances they have to foot their own bus fare.

  4. The "Risks and Challenges" section is quite long.

  5. "the fastest track to profit is to get licenses to famous Dungeons and Dragons modules from Hasbro/Wizard of the Coast"

    Yeah, because the D&D movie was a box office smash.

  6. Paying for rich guys and D-level celebs to enjoy world travel, dudes buying soap and putting tags them like "ranger spice" and "orc sweat" with 1000% mark up. WTF? Who woulda though KS would still be a joke this long after the Grognardia JaMal fiasco?

  7. I also believe that Kickstarter has rules against offering equity. And it’s slightly illegal to boot....

  8. Actually I'm not an expert on US law but I believe that trying to crowdfund your company is actually an SEC violation and completely illegal (for very good technical reasons). [The laws were relaxed somewhat about a decade ago, but not to this level.]


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