Monday, June 17, 2019

Kickstarter - Stormforged: Fantasy Tabletop RPG

"Stormforged is a new tabletop role playing game set int he world of Etherion. Forge your own Stormforged Artifact and play your way."

See the typo above, in the Kickstarter pitch. I didn't add it. That's how it is on the page.

What else will you notice about the Stormforged Kickstarter page? There is no art on the page. As in nothing. Art sells. Lack of art lacks... sales.

Here's the About the Creator page:

Hmmm... first created, 0 backed. New a good sign. Hasn't logged in in a few days. Most known for a game I never heard of.
Intuitive and Easy Play 
Stormforged uses a revolutionary new dice pool system. Your character will have a 'pool' of dice to draw from of different sizes. As you grow more powerful more dice are added to the pool for you to draw on. 
Throughout the game you will be told to 'make a roll', to do this you simply choose a dice from your dice pool and roll it. The higher the value the better. You can always roll a d6 for free, but you can choose a larger sized dice from your dice pool to increase your chances of success. 
Need to make a jump over a chasm to escape a pack of hungry wolves? Roll your d20. Trying to convince a merchant to sell you an item on the cheap? Perhaps it is only worth using a d10. 
Stormforged makes you think strategically about your resources and rewards planning ahead.
Yeah, I know some modern English standards use "dice" for the singular too, but it still seems awkward to me.

In any case, the Kickstarter page lacks any excitement to draw one in. This is certainly a borderline Wayward Kickstarter at best. A page of text without art is certainly not how you want to make your pitch.
What am I Funding? 
At the moment, Stormforged is almost completely finished, however, it lacks the artwork and design to make it really come to life. £600 will allow the commission of the first pieces of art for the project. Anything more than £600 will go into more artwork and better design. The more money there is, the better we can make the project. Whatever we achieve, however, the rules and setting are written and ready to be distributed. 
We also want maps. Lots of maps. We like maps. However, we are writers, not cartographers. So your money would also go into hiring some of them.
Take a few bucks and invest in some stock art. It really isn't that hard.

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  1. Here's their other roleplaying game. It looks like the generic d20 engine with a customized magic system written more awkwardly than WotC.



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