Sunday, May 5, 2019

Kickstarter - The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon & More!

"Exciting new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG content from Mark Bishop and Purple Sorcerer Games."

I must confess, I really enjoy releases from Purple Sorcerer. I've run prior releases back when I was doing some fairly regular one-shot gaming sessions (soon to return pending renovations completion I promise!)

So, what are we being offered this time?
We’re excited to announce The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon, another thrilling Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG adventure from the mind of author Mark Bishop. This campaign will also help us combine the new module with Mark’s previous adventures to create a massive new omnibus version: The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide!  
We’ve chosen to kickstart this effort for a few important reasons, including: 
  • To allow us to enhance the project with the talents of two of our favorite artists: Stefan Poag and Peter Mullen!
  • To expand the Omnibus into a full-fledged campaign guide, filled with new monsters, magic items, world details, additional adventure, and more!
  • To make additional content like beautiful new battlemaps and posters possible.
We think your players will love this new adventure, and any Judge will benefit from the new content found in the campaign guide. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting new adventure! 
The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon challenges 4-6 2nd level adventurers to save a hidden desert city (along with its cursed inhabitants) from the wrath of a devious and chaotic god. Its 48 digest-sized pages are packed with dangerous environments, exotic threats, and a world-shaking finale with thousands of lives on the line!  
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG adventures are easily adaptable to work in any ‘old school’ system, so the adventure and additional materials will benefit any GM looking to deliver some classic adventuring to their players, even if DCC isn’t your system of choice!
Jon, the Purple Sorcerer himself, has sent me a "no-frills" version of the adventure in PDF for me to read and review. Expect that to happen over the next few days.

PDF of the adventure is 7 bucks. PDF of adventure plus omnibus plus stretch goals is 20. Add in POD at cost coupon and you're at 27.

Time to read - after tonight's Game of Thrones!

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