Thursday, May 9, 2019

Email Reveals Initial Plans for Yggsburgh Post Gary's Death

I took it upon myself to redact the recipients of the above email, as their emails are private ones.

I believe "Jeffrey" is Jeff Talanian, as he was working with Gary on the Yggsburgh project at the time.

Having Luke on board would have been a win all around.

Sadly, the project was killed before we could see the team that Gary had assembled continue his legacy. Gail pulled the plug on this as well as Lejendary Adventures three months later.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tenkar. Is there any latest news regarding the other will?

  2. Jeff Talanian is a superb guy. I know there are bits and pieces around, but there's not a chance of seeing this in any shape or form I'm guessing. :(
    Thank goodness we have Jeff, and so many others, putting out incredible stuff for us all to enjoy and play!

  3. I had four manuscripts complete, including Teeth of the Barkash Nour. They'll never see the light of day, now.


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