Friday, May 10, 2019

Kickstarter - Dungeonmorphs Revenge: RPG Dice & Cards

Strangely enough, I actually have two sets of the original Dungeonmorph Dice, as Rach won a set at NTRPG Con a few years back. She has no clue what to use the dice for, but she cherishes them greatly. Alright, technically I don't have two sets, as Rach has one set, but who's really counting ;)

Personally, I love them for inspiration. I'm very much a DM that likes to improve and the Dungeonmorph Dice and accompanying cards are very much a high water level in my DM's Toolbox.

So, what does the Dungeonmorphs Revenge RPG Dice & Cards Kickstarter offer for your DM's toolbox?

  • 3 new dice sets (2 dungeons, 1 cavern set), a matching set of 2.5"x2.5" cards, a matching font, and a matching set of 10"x10" battlemat style cards. Each card set and the font have all 90 designs from all 3 dice sets. There is also a PDF of the 2.5" cards and one of the 10" cards.
  • Also available are our 3 original dungeon & cavern dice sets. (2 dungeon sets, 1 cavern set; 5 dice each). The dice have been upgraded since our original Kickstarter with a prettier stone pattern. These dice sets also have a single set of 90 matching 2.5"x2.5" cards (and PDF) and a matching font. (But no 10"x10" cards.)
  • Likewise, our city, village, and ruined city dice sets (5 dice each) are available through the Kickstarter. They too have a matching set of 90 2.5"x2.5" cards (and PDF) and a matching font. (But no 10"x10 cards.)

Dice Specifications

  • Three different sets of 5 dice each, with a different design on each side of each die. (90 geomorph designs.) 
  •  25mm (just about 1 inch cube) dice. 1" dice have enough space to show a 10x10 grid with good detail. 
  • White die with a black design.   The design will be engraved into the die, so it will not wear off.
  • The designs will have a small letter on each side to differentiate the dice and make it easy to jot down the position of each design so you can set them back up easily.

Notes about Rewards

  • You will pick the specific sets of dice, cards, etc. you want through our pledge manager after the Kickstarter ends.
  • If you want just the 3 new dice sets, pick the $50 reward.  If you missed our cities, ruined cities, and villages set or the original dungeons & caverns set, pick the $95 6 dice sets reward. If you missed all of them, pick the $135 9 dice sets Kickstarter to get them all!
  • If you want all the new stuff, pick the $115 reward and you'll be able to get the 3 new dice sets, the new 2.5" cards, and the new 10" battlemats. Add $5 if you also want the new font files.
I'm not sure what level I'll be backing at yet, but back I will :)

Joe's Kickstarter record is matched by few. His are always safe picks.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I love geomorph card decks. I have their previous set.

    I never use them but I love them.


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