Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kickstarter - Secrets of the World Harvesters (DCC RPG Adventure)

"A 1st Level DCC-compatible Adventure and Setting Guide"

Let me get this out of the way - I consider Scott Swift, the creator of this particular project, a friend. Scott also edited Swords & Wizardry Light.

Doesn't make Secrets of the World Harvesters any less awesome :)

So, what does Scott offer us?
The Secrets of the World Harvesters is a standalone, level 1 DCC-compatible adventure and setting guide that blends fantasy and science fiction as the players unravel the mysteries of their planet’s past.  
We are ready for print. The writing, editing, layout, and art are all complete (except for the senior crewmembers page). 
The adventure leads the players to an ancient ruin unearthed by receding glaciers as the planet thaws from a millennia-long ice age. Beneath the ruins, an even older piece to the puzzle of their forgotten past awaits discovery. 
The adventure section details the history of the players’ homeworld, including regional, village, and dungeon maps, and hooks for further adventures, if desired. 
The World Harvesters setting presents a storyline that, at the conclusion of the adventure, allows the Judge to seamlessly transition players to new worlds and genres. Create your own world, choose from the many beloved existing DCC settings, or watch for Purple Pirates Games’ next offering in the series.  
Every page has a beautiful border, hand drawn by our professional artists. There are no "white spaces" in the book; original art fills those spaces thanks to the lead artist doing the layout. Part adventure, part campaign setting, part artist sketch book, I think you will love this book. 
The book: 
  • 60 saddle-stitch pages on 8 ½ x 11 premium silk paper.
  • Glossy coated color cover.
  • 45 pieces of original art, including 6 full-page pieces plus numerous nearly-full page pieces, and 9 hand-drawn maps.
  • A 10-page patron write up of Takisaka, the Mother of Serpents, by Daniel J. Bishop (prolific RPG author for DCC) including a full page illustration, 3 new spells, Invoke Patron table, Patron Taint table, and a Shedding Your Skin random table (a situation that happens to followers of the deity).
Wow. Ready to go to print BEFORE funding. When does that happen on Kickstarter? Not fucking often is the answer.

8 bucks for the PDF, 20 for the Print and 25 for the Print plus PDF. Ships US only - PDF anywhere.

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