Saturday, March 30, 2019

Frog God Games April Fools Sale - 5e

This popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. I wonder how easy to would be to convert The Book of Lost Spells to Swords & Wizardry...
April Foes Day Sale 
Frog God Games is offering both Fifth Edition Foes and Book of Lost Spells (Fifth Edition) at 50% off, exclusively to our social media followers, now through April Fool's Day! 
Fifth Edition Foes features 260 pages of monstrous mayhem drawn from our classic Tome of Horror I - IV series, plus a plethora of perlious predators inspired by classic monsters harkening back to First Edition! 
Fear not, brave and foolish players! You'll have the Book of Lost Spells to defend yourself! With over 137 pages of new spells for the discerning and desperate spellcaster, you're sure to survive the new and dangerous adversaries coming your way... hopefully. 
Fifth Edition Foes for $9.99 (normally 19.99): https://www.rpgnow.com/browse.php?discount=97dc569007&affiliate_id=1446
Book of Lost Spells for $12.49 (normally 25.00): https://www.rpgnow.com/browse.php?discount=97df1aed1a&affiliate_id=1446
Yeah, it says its for Frog God Games social media followers, but I'm their "Convention Coordinator" and you are following me, so the degrees of separation are small ;)

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