Friday, March 29, 2019

Kickstarter - The City of Great Lunden (Midderlands)

I'm a sucker for settings. Even more so, I'm a huge sucker for city settings, because I can never wrap my head around it enough to properly write one up on my own.

Monkeyblood does amazing maps. His Midderlands setting is probably one of the best EVER in the hobby. With The City of Great Lunden, Glynn gives us a city set in the Midderlands. Awesome!
The City of Great Lunden is a city setting for use with old school roleplaying games. It is designed to be used alongside The Midderlands setting and hence is 'The Midderlands Compatible'. Game stats are presented for use with Swords & Wizardry Complete, which means they are easily adopted for old school games/retroclones. Much of the content is designed to be as system-neutral as possible, so feel free to use it with any fantasy game system you like. 
This book DOES NOT require The Midderlands setting, but it is greatly enhanced with it. There might be references to things found in the other books.
The book itself will be 224 pages of great, city-based, game-juice, all in glorious, high specification, hardback and/or digital format. Here's how the current content is looking: 
  • Introduction - includes a short story focused on the pre-generated characters.
  • The City of Great Lunden - A touch of history, details of the inner wards, outer wards, and beyond the outer wards.
  • The streets, law and order, defences, waste, etc.
  • 22 detailed structures comprising a full page elevation view art piece, a page of floorplans/maps, and a page of information about the structure.
  • The Great Thameswater river
  • Beneath the city (sewers)
  • Above the streets (rooftops) - Includes rules for rooftop adventures
  • Oddities - more magic items, spells, flora, and fauna.
  • Bestiary
  • Some factions, guilds and institutions and notable NPCs
  • Adventure hooks and a short heist adventure
  • Appendices
16 bucks for the PDFs of the following:

Print plus PDF is 59 bucks

 I'm in as a Guild Member :)

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