Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kickstarter - Wizard Burial Ground: A Dungeon-Punk RPG Book (Zine Quest)

"5e compatible Prog Rock inspired Dungeon-Punk resource book full of plot hooks, monsters, NPCs, and magic items (Zine Quest)"

It might not be OSR, but it sure feels OSR ;)

So, what's in the Wizard Burial Ground: A Dungeon-Punk RPG Book?

It's a resource book full of cool stuff to add some Dungeon-Punk spice to your tabletop games. What kind of cool stuff? Glad you asked! We have a whole bunch of weird crap to add some grimy and gritty nonsense to your world. 
NPC's for your players to interact with: 
  • A Hedge Witch with a "thing" for Lycanthropes
  • The  butcher's son who is... not a werewolf. Why? Who told you that, what do you know?!
  • Hillbilly Hobgoblins who've been cooking up some Crystal Magic-amphetamine
  • A one-eyed gnomish Alchemist who's been brewing potions in his bathtub
  • A mysterious drifter who just rolled into town
Plot Hooks to awaken your players' sense of adventure: 
  • What happens when a rival gang tries to muscle in on the Hobgoblins and unseat them from their place as kingpins of the local Crystal Mage trade?
  • Is the bartender at the local tavern undead or just suuuuper goth?
  • They say the dreams of a Beholder can shape reality. What happens when a Beholder gets sick and starts having fever dreams? What if the Beholder starts to dissociate?!
  • If you think the Hedge Witch and the butcher's son don't have something going on, you must be high on Crystal Mage
  • Kinda burying the lede with this one, but a cult of evil necromancers have defiled a local temple (the titular Wizard Burial Ground) and your party needs to cleanse the place.
Monsters & Mooks (complete with art & stat blocks) 
  • Necromancers and Liches and Undead, oh my!
  • Can you make a zombie out of a mechanical construct? Well when a mommy Necromancer and a daddy Artificer love each other very much...
  • A swarm of giant vampire bats that also teleport. 
  • Inside-Out Kobolds. Oh no, why? Why are they like that?!
  • Is that a Bearsharktopus? Are you kidding me?
  • You know what a "rat king" is? Okay. So that, but made of Dire Rats. A Dire Rat King.  Is that freaky enough for ya?
  • Just wait til you meet the Rag and Bone Man.
Maps (with at least one dank ass dungeon)
How dank? I mean, it's subterranean. It's super dank.  
Magic Items (all homebrew, probably weird) For example: 
  • Hot Peppers of Fire Breathing
  • Psychotropic Potions 
  • Magic Wand that is also a Spork
  • Boom-sticks (it's probably what you think it is)
  • Cursed Weapons. All the cursed weapons.
I'm in for 10 bucks - Print plus PDF (including shipping in the US)

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