Sunday, February 3, 2019

Its Sunday Morning - RPG Breakfast Club will Stream Live at 10 AM Eastern - Mapping & Cartography is the Topic of the Day

Make some coffee (or tea), put some pop tarts in your toaster and get ready for some Sunday morning tabletop RPG talk to get your week started right. Yes, it's the RPG Breakfast Club.

Time conversions for the US and Canada: 10:00amEST//9:00amCST//8:00amMST//7:00amPST

Today's discussion topic is:

Mapping & Cartography: How to build up your world and go further with interaction and player/reader learning curve, Going pro (or semi-pro) and monetizing your worldbuilding in a crowded market, organizing your game world information, How do you structure your GM reference material, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

join our hosts:
@Pexx (Tavern Custodian and right-hand man)
@Andrew1879 (FASA)
@Todd (Hexed Press)
@joethelawyer (blogger / podcaster)
@WorldAnvil (https://www.worldanvil.com/)

You can listen live and ask questions via text by joining the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server:


Or you can listen at your convenience at Anchor (or search for RPG Breakfast Club wherever fine podcasts are served:


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