Friday, December 7, 2018

New Release: Operation Deep Freeze (and Thunderclap) - Top Secret: New World Order

I've had so thoroughly amazing times playing the NEW Top Secret at NTRPG Con over the recent years. Its one of the few new systems I've encountered over the recent years that I've been able to "grok". Forgive me and my grognard ways ;)

In any case, Operation Deep Freeze is actually two adventures in one package, the second being Operation Thunderclap. I wonder if I could scare up someone to run this online...

From the blurb:
A Top Secret Soviet lab located just outside a small town in Latvia. Secrets put in Deep Freeze. Secrets that leaked out in the dead of winter. Secrets of things that should never have been. 
Operation Deep Freeze is a Top Secret: New World Order mission. 
This 80 page book is a double adventure that includes both Operation: Deep Freeze and Operation: Thunderclap. This adventure takes a set of ICON agents from London to Latvia, to the Baltic, Middle East and Africa. 
Jump into this world-wind is this easy to use mission for the spies in all of us.
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