Monday, December 3, 2018

LotFP Book "She Bleeds" Allegedly Destroyed by Warehouse over Subject Matter

Destroying books is never a good thing. Destroying books over subject matter? Even less.

She Bleeds was a Gen Con exclusive if I recall correctly. It seems to be even more exclusive now.

Now, my questions are - who owned the books when they were destroyed? Was it Raggi? Was it a distributor? Were they destroyed because they were unsold exclusives?

I suspect there is more to this story then meets the eye.

edit: latest from Elizabeth:
First off, thanks everyone so much for the support. The support and kind words makes me very proud to be part of the rpg community. Lots of people have been asking about the name of the warehouse - at this moment I don't know the name and am speaking to my publisher about this. If I do get a name (and can share it) I will with the people who asked. However, I'm tempering this decision with the fact that I don't want the person who reported this to get in trouble and also want to make sure I know all the facts before acting. Thanks for your understanding
edit: podcast follow up:


edit to the edit: Raggi Follow Up:


  1. (I believe) Raggi stated that Noble Knight purchased all of the remaining GenCon exclusives at the end of the Con. Of course, they list them as still available, so... hard to say.

  2. I find it hard to believe NK would destroy product...

  3. It doesn't matter WHY, a warehouse destroying materials they've been paid to store is NOT acceptable. I hope whoever owned the books at the time they were destroyed demands and gets the full value of replacing or selling the materials.

  4. If they were destroyed by someone other than the proper owner, that was (obviously) a crime, regardless of the reason.

    If the proper owner destroyed the books, for whatever reason, then it was their prerogative. If it was over the subject matter, I find that more than a little stupid, but it was still their prerogative.

  5. Has this been verified or is this just a 3rd hand reporting via a phone call to the author?

  6. If social media has taught me anything, it’s that censorship is actually free speech and words are actually violence.

  7. I purchased one from NK right after they were put up for sale post-Gencon. I doubt it was them.

  8. So has this story faded or is there something to it?


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