Monday, November 19, 2018

The Ugly - Johan Sprecht, Minion of Chaos

Art by www.critical-hit.biz
Johan Sprecht, Minion of Chaos

Once upon a time, as stories often begin, Johan Sprecht was a pious cleric of law. His downfall was quick though because after finding his first sample of Vis, a magical substance that can be expended in place of a memorized spell, he felt the compulsion to find more and more. Johan could never find enough to satisfy his urge and found himself sacrificing other party members in his quest for Vis.

One night, as he thrashed around in restless sleep, a voice asked him "what would you give to be free of the curse of Vis?" He answered "Anything!" Thus it was that his soul was sold to a Lord of Chaos. He mutated quickly into the creature displayed above and is even more driven in his quest to find more Vis, as it is no longer a curse but a quest for his Lord.

Johan wanders the Blackmarsh in search of Viz. Sometimes he will pay to acquire more. Sometimes he will kill to acquire it. All that matters is that he finds it.

Johan Sprecht is a 5th level Cleric of Chaos. He is +1 hit and damage due to his high strength. In addition to a weapon attack, Johan can bite for 1d6 damage each round. His mutations allow him to regenerate 1 point of damage each round so long as his HP total is a positive number.

He has spells appropriate to that of a 5th level cleric. Armor Class is 2[17] and his Hit Points when fully healed are 29.



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