Friday, November 23, 2018

Indigogo - How Orcus Stole Christmas! A Holiday RPG Adventure (Frog God Games - S&W, 5e and PF)

When I heard that James Spahn was pitching a Christmas themed adventure featuring Orcus, I was all in. Seriously, no hesitation. James Spahn is an awesome writer of RPG material - rules, supplements, adventures and more. James is also a good friend of mine, and I've gotten a few "peeks behind the curtain" and I think How Orcus Stole Christmas! A Holiday RPG Adventure is going to be one of James' best releases - ever.
Frog God Games wants your support for our first holiday adventure in over a decade -"How Orcus Stole Christmas!". Designed for lower-level characters both joyful and triumphant it has a wickedly humorous take on  classic holiday tropes. Yet it is still a perilous adventure full of the unexpected. Beware festive monsters, find joyous and jolly magic items and face an iconic villain with a holiday twist. 
O, Come All Ye Faithful....to Newville! 
This low-level adventure introduces the players to a contained wilderness environment known as Newville. It is designed to fit into most traditional fantasy campaigns, The open nature and local environment can extend the adventure across multiple sessions. So beware the danger behind the joyful cruelty of the enemies and their pathetic holiday slaves! 
It’s up to a small band of brave heroes to save Christmas this year, and without their unwavering Christmas spirit and willingness to face the cruelties of both winter and a twisted aspect of the great Demon Prince, they’ll never discover How Orcus Stole Christmas... 
Can the player characters discover why Orcus Claws is waylaying the town of Newville?  Will they survive the climb up cruel Mount Strumpet with its cannibal reindeer and treacherous avalanches? And for the love of Christmas, why are all these damn News singing all the time?! 
Inside the finished release you will find the following-
  • An adventure which can be integrated into an existing campaign as a brief (yet twisted) celebration of the season.
  • New and festive creatures which have a tendency to kill and/or feast on itinerant characters that are not prepared for danger amidst all the dark humor. 
  • Joyful magic items with heartwarming powers.
  • An description of the village of Newville, the demeanor of the News, plus exciting rumors about the surrounding valley. The valley is thought to be full of adventure.
  • The author's manuscript was  bursting with bloody sarcasm and holiday humor.
  • A visitor who arrives in the night upon a magical sleigh.

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