Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Tavern's Book of Mundane Majiks - Page 1

Remember how I was musing about mundane spells last week? Well, I've been putting some together. This is the first installment. If you want to add your own, add them to the comments below and I'll share them on a later post. Note, your comment must include the following statement if you want it to be shared "I agree that the attached text may be released under the OGL" followed by the name you want credit under. If we get enough entries I'll have them put together as a PWYW release on RPGNow.

Consider the following to be written with the template you should use if you choose to share.

Venerated Wine
Spell Level: Cleric, 1st Level
Range: N/A
Duration: 24 hours or until consumed

This spell will fill a wine flask, decanter, jug or other vessel with up to a quart of weak, watered down wine. Usually used in religious services, some clerics keep this spell memorized out of personal necessity.

Magic Wisk
Spell Level: Magic User, 1st Level
Range: 10’
Duration: 20 minutes per caster level

This spell summons a wisk that is used to whip eggs, milk, cream and other dairy products. It will follow the caster’s directions until given newer ones.

Mullon’s Restorative 
Spell Level: Magic User, 1st Level
Range: Self
Duration: Special

This spell will remove the symptoms of a hangover (but not any lingering intoxication). It also provides a +1saving throw vs poison for 4 hours after casting. The reverse of this spell imbues the recipient with the effects of a proper hangover (-1 to all rolls for 4 hours). A successful save will negate.

Kelvan’s Comfortable Repose
Spell Level: Magic User, 1st Level
Range: 5’
Duration: 8 Hours

This spell summons a water-resistant sleeping bag. If used outdoors in temperatures between 45 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with light rain or less, the user will receive the benefits as if he or she had slept in a bed in town.

The above is released under the OGL

"This work features art by Daniel F. Walthall, found at: drivethrurpg.com/product/181517, available under a CC BY 4.0 license: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/"


  1. I agree that the attached text may be released under the OGL
    Robert Bird
    Alva J Fisher’s Pristine Garments
    Spell Level: Cleric, 1st level
    Range: <=5’
    Duration: 1 minute
    The garments of the target will become cleansed of dirt, debris, and/or poisons.

  2. Placeholder for following until I can come up with something groovy. :)

  3. This falls under the provisions of the OGL.
    Create Cool
    Spell Level: Magic User, 3rd Level
    Range: 30' Radius, centered on caster
    Duration: 1 hour per level of the caster
    This spell is the perfect spell for the image-conscious adventuring party. Upon casting this spell, the caster and one creature/ level of the caster becomes completely clean, neatly-groomed, and smelling fresh and clean (faintly perfumed or cologned as the caster prefers). Clothing worn becomes cleansed of dirt and grime, minor tailoring is accomplished (stitching is mended, tiny holes are filled, but major rips and holes cannot be repaired with this spell). Armor and weapons are polished and odd nicks and dents are mended (though in the case of missing bits like chain links, replacement links must be present). If the subjects get soiled again during the effects of this spell, that soil remains. A slight magical breeze heroically tousles the hair and ruffles/fills out the cloak of the subjects. If it is quiet enough, a light heroic fanfare can be heard, lingering in the vicinity of the subject. Subjects of this spell can leave the 30' radius of the caster, but the supernatural effects (magical breeze and fanfare) will fade within moments.

    I create this spell whenever I create a magic-user, and look for the day when I can recast it just as the prior casting of the spell ends.

  4. I dunno...durations for spells like Magic Whisk that don't have a specific mechanical effect in the game should just be either 24-hours or just represented in another spell that seems to duplicate the effect. Like, if most first level spells have invisible servant then specialized variations would exist like one that can cook any recipe either known by the caster or printed on a recipe card that is destroyed during casting.
    Mullon’s Restorative is great and Kelvan’s Comfortable Repose is just wonderful though


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