Monday, August 20, 2018

Kickstarter - Update - The Fantasy Trip – Pocket Box Stretch Goal

Earlier today Steve Jackson Games posted an update to The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter. Below I am sharing the update in full:
More Pages, Random Dungeon Generation, and the Melee/Wizard Pocket Box Stretch Goal 
Posted by Philip Reed  
$230,000 - We’ll make the font larger, AND make room for a bit more art, by increasing In the Labyrinth to 176 pages. 
BGG - 400 Wizard Fans - We will print a random dungeon generation drop table on the inside lid of the Legacy Edition box. 
And fantastic timing on unlocking those two goals as we go into the final days of the Kickstarter project! That $230,000 stretch goal falling was a trigger for our team, and we're now ready to reveal the $300,000 stretch goal: An eighties-style Pocket Box combining the Melee and Wizard games, using classic-sized maps and counters, and featuring new cover art by Liz Danforth! 
Pocket Box mockup not final. NOTE: The plastic box will be inspired-by the eighties box, not identical to the eighties box. 
If met, we will produce this combined Melee/Wizard Pocket Box game and pack it at no extra charge into the I Want It All reward level. And for those of you who need extras, if the Pocket Box is unlocked, we will also open it up as an add-on item. 
We're in our final days of the project, so there's not much time left to unlock that $300,000 stretch goal. Please get out there into the wilds of the web and tell everyone about the return of The Fantasy Trip! 
- Phil Reed
Well, The Fantasy Trip is currently at $235k. So, the first stretch goal is unlocked. The $300k stretch looks awesome. Screw it, backing at the $110 I Want it All reward level. Curses!

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