Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast has Over 20k Downloads! Thank You!

Three months ago, when I saw what Jason, Tim, Matt, and others were doing with the Anchor Podcast format, I figured I'd give it a shot myself. I didn't have plans to make it a daily thing. I had high hopes that within six months, assuming I'd last that long, I'd be averaging at least 100 downloads a day. 

Three months and 20,000 downloads later The Tavern Chat Podcast is averaging over 210 downloads per day.

I'm as stunned as anyone :)

As The Tavern Chat Podcast has grown, so has the number of The Tavern's Patreon Backers. We've picked up eight in the last month, coinciding with the growth of the podcast. I can't thank the backers enough. They help keep me motivated.

Gaming news, rants, Kickstarters, OSR system reviews, freebie overviews, fundraisers and more, all on a daily basis. 95 episodes of your OSR Bartender.

Tomorrow night I'm trying something different. I'll be interviewing a Kickstarter Creator live on the Tavern's Discord Server. You'll be able to listen to the interview as it happens and ask questions via chat at 830 PM Eastern Tomorrow - I'll put I'm a reminder post in the afternoon.

Thank you :)

PS - Josh is still in need of assistance, and The Tavern, as well as Skeeter Green Publishing, are backing the first $250 raised by The Tavern's Community:


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