Sunday, August 5, 2018

Kickstarter - Dark Naga - OSR Haunting of Hastur Modules

The Haunting of Hastur series of modules were originally a 5e release. The Dark Naga - OSR Haunting of Hastur Modules Kickstarter brings them to the OSR.

Dark Naga has a history of doing some solid RPG releases, regardless of system, and I expect nothing less from their latest release.
The Haunting of Hastur series has been very successful for Dark Naga Adventures. However, they were never successful enough to unlock the OSR print run stretch goal. Several OSR fans have lamented this shortfall. This is my wish fulfillment project for the OSR community, particularly those fans who have waited for their version in the classic print format. 
This Kickstarter project has just one reward, all five modules in the old school print format: wrap around, detached covers, maps on the inner cover, saddle stitched (stapled) booklet. Simple. No stretch goals, just a low target small print run to give the backers who have wanted this version in this print format to have their wish granted.  
There is a little bit of editing to be done. See below on changes to DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil. Beyond that, as soon as the project funds, I will order the proofs, and as soon as they are verified, the print copies will be ordered. This will be a fast cycle project. So fast, that there won't be any add-ons available via Backerkit. I expect to place the print order a few days after the funds post to my account.
There is one backer level. 100 bucks for 5 modules, detachable covers. All the good shit :) 

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