Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bundle of Holding - Rifts

Actually, the Rifts Bundle of Holding is TWO different bundles.

Rifts World Books has the following as its Starter Collection for $14.95:
Vampire Kingdom Revised
Lone Star
Federation of Magi Revised
D-Bees of North America

The Bonus Collection is currently $26.60 and includes the above plus:
Coalition War Campaign
Spirit West
Free Quebec
Coalition Navy
Vampires Sourcebook
The Black Vault

Then there is Rifts Essentials. The Starter Collection is $8.95 and includes:
Rifts® Ultimate Edition
Rifts® Sourcebook One

The Bonus Collection is currently $20.58 and includes the above plus:
Rifts Game Master Guide
Rifts Book of Magic
Rifts Game Master Kit

Personally, I think the Wolrd Books offer more, especially if you are going to yoke it for setting material over system.

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  1. I have close to 100 Palladium books on my gaming shelves. I've enjoyed playing in countless hours of Palladium games. Nevertheless, I don't think I'll be purchasing another of their books.

    I wasn't a backer of their Robotech Kickstarter, but simply as a bystander, I'm disgusted by how Palladium handled this $1.4+ million project and I feel terrible for the backers who were left with little to show for their pledges.

    There's no question that Palladium outright lied to their customers. The worst of these being that, in the event that the project failed, Palladium would "of course" provide refunds. Moreover, there's very strong evidence of funds being misappropriated. That's likely why Palladium has refused to provide an accounting of the project or even utter a word about it since their last minute fire sale/profit taking. They don't want to do anything that might tend to incriminate them.

    It seems to me that Palladium should be using the proceeds from this Bundle of Holding to provide refunds. Unless they do so, I'd advise people to avoid doing business with Kevin Siembieda or otherwise supporting his company.


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